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    Cameron 9

The Cameron is the original 9-hole golf course at Buffalo Hill established in the 1930’s. Although it has evolved with numerous improvements over the years, much of the original character and integrity is still intact. The original trees and pushup greens established almost 100 years ago still hold the charm of this fun, quick paced course.

Experience Level

The Cameron 9 is perfect for golfers looking to get into golf when they’re new to the game, don’t have time for a full 18, or just enjoy a shorter round. Golfers of all skill levels will find something to enjoy about the Cameron. Novice players can enjoy the generally shorter holes and absence of penalty areas while more experienced players will need to navigate the small and tricky greens if they are going to make birdies.

Tee Times

1 Hr 45 min to complete depending on experience.
The Cameron 9 is first come first serve – no tee time required!

Stop by the Pro Shop to secure your place in line.

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